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How to foil with your stamps!


We took the designs we wanted to foil and stamped them with black ink on a sheet of card stock.  Then we simply took that sheet and made copies at our local printer (Kinko's) and had them make a copy with their laser printer.  The laser printer is the key component - it is the toner that works with the foil.


We love all of the foil colors, they are amazing!  We have been having a lot of fun with COPPER! We used the Minc to foil and it really is a great machine.  Super user friendly and it has heat temperature controls based on what paper products you might be foiling.  Honestly, we tried our laminator and it didn't work for us.


We love foil and it looks so professional.  We have quite a few classes that we are offering in this session that incorporate foil project.  Check them out here!

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