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English Rose Collage Card

We love this new die from Memory Box (English Rose Collage)!  They have done this style of die on a few different images but I think this English Rose version is one of my favorites!  They are all perfect with a watercolor background.  However, with all of the detail on this die, it can be tricky to get the colors in the correct spot!  There isn't a rule that you need to have the leaves green and flowers pink but for some reason I thought that it looked better this way.


IMG_3362 This is what the die looks like when it's cut out.

To figure out where I want to put each color, I die cut the die in vellum paper and then placed the vellum over the area in the correct spot on the card so that it would line up.

IMG_3366 IMG_3367 IMG_3368

Even though I colored in the cut out spaces on the vellum, it didn't matter to expand the watercolor area.  So I went back and filled in with more color so that the die cut over lay would have a little more flexibility.


This is a fun and impressive card to create!  Stop by and see this and others that you can do this same technique. Thanks for stopping by!

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