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  • Mitten Cards



    What a cute way to dress up our custom mitten note cards using the knitted argyle border stamp embossed in white.  Perfect if you are looking for an easy weekend project!



    Watercolor + white embossing powder is a great combination!  This snowflake is one of our favorites of the season!  To create this card, you will want to do your watercolor background first.  I think it's easy to create a rectangle shape using a flat brush to help you do a somewhat straight line.  Then, set it aside and let it completely dry!  You can stamp the greeting on a black piece of cardstock and emboss it while you wait.  Then, once the watercolor is dry, you can go back and emboss the white snowflakes.  I think it's best to use Versamark to stamp with, it will be hard to see where you have stamped but it's well worth the outcome.  We have been using Hero Arts white embossing powder as our new favorite.  Heat the powder and then you'll have your card almost finished.  We then stapled the sentiment on the top.  Enjoy!




    Love the scarf around the ever so popular deer head!  We just cut a long strip of red felt, tied a loose knot and glued it down in a couple of spots.



    Here is an elegant and simple tag idea!  We love our kraft tags and this is a great way to dress them up.  We have gold mirror paper cardstock that is easy to die cut and then we added foil metallic washi tape!  You may need to call our store to track down all of the different metallic washi tapes that we have available!  206.901.9101




    I love how he is doing this list of color comparisons.  Candied Apple red looks like a keeper!  Will be available soon in the store and online.



    I have to say the Jewel Picker is the tool of the season!  I absolutely think this is a great purchase!  It is perfect for placing those small items on your project and it really works!  For this card, you would add a little white glue on the top of the tree.  Then you pick up the star with the jewel picker and place it on the glue.  And here is the greatness - it stays and releases!  You don't have to get your finger in there to let go of the star.  It really works!  I have not had to adjust the tackiness but here are a few tips from Marvy.

    The Jewel Picker will lose adhesion by catching dusts and oils. To regain its adhesion, just roll the tip on adhesive tape. This will pick up any dust and oils on the tip.
    To lessen its tackiness, touch the tip with your finger tips. This will add oil to the tip. If the tip looses it tackiness completely and using the adhesive tape to remove it does not work, then use an ultra fine sandpaper to rub off any dust and objects. This should recover its tackiness.

    You will want this in your stocking!


    We love this new guillotine paper trimmer made by Tonic for Tim Holtz.  I've always been a guillotine type of paper cutter.  I can't really use the other types but I think it's one of those things that you like the type of trimmer that you first start out using.  If you started with a guillotine then that's what you prefer, if you started with a cutter that slides then that's the one you prefer.  So I'm thinking that Tim Holtz must be a guillotine type. (smile)tonic_comfort_cutter

    There are some nice features on this cutter - LOVE the ruler along the bottom!!!  Everything that Tonic makes is always of the best quality as well!  I don't think you can go wrong with this device.



    We love  plaid and these two bar stamps make it easy to create your own plaid pattern.  I used the solid bar to do a diagonal pattern, in both our red current fresh ink and encore copper metallic ink.  Then, I used the double line bar stamp to create the plaid look, also using the encore copper ink.  If you are interested in these 2 stamps, you'll need to call our Tukwila store and we can ship them out to you.  206.901.9101.


    I think the new Tim Holtz Distress Ink color - Lucky Clover is a perfect green.  This ink works so well when you watercolor with it!  We also love the Mittens and Mugs stamp set by Concord and 9th.

    IMG_1316 IMG_1313

    For this card, I watercolored a circle shape and it doesn't have to be perfect but once it dried then I embossed a snowflake shape to create the look of an ornament.  I added some silver glitter washi tape for the topper.


    Here is another card using the new Mittens and Mugs stamp set.  I did the watercolor wash and after it dried, I embossed the snowflake and greetings stamp in white powder.  I then added glitter to the bottom of the card to look like snow.  I purposely made the bottom of the watercolor wash to look like a landscape.  This could be a pretty idea with added trees or little creatures along the bottom of the card as well.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • We’re thankful for our faithful blog readers!


    Get your list ready!  Cheers!


    This little gem is back in stock!  The tree that you can make is adorable and this set has so much to offer in terms of versatility!  You can make a white tree or you can use the branches to create a variety of snowflakes, tree boughs, wreaths and more!  We love this new company, Concord & 9th and we have a feeling that they are going to be coming out with some great products in the future!


    Here is the video that they have uploaded - it's super cute and shows all the steps involved to create the tree!

    Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!  You can order online or call our Tukwila store 206.901.9101 to arrange a mail order or we can put one on hold to come and pick up! It makes a perfect holiday decoration!

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